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Hair Clinic

Hair loss and other problems of hair like Dandruff, thin hair, Split ends, premature graying of hair are common problems faced today. To address these hair disorders we run a specialty Trichology clinic. Using most advanced diagnostic aids like Trichoscan, Trichogram, UV Scanner& KOH mount; we assess the exact cause of your hair problem and offer solutions for the same. We offer Mesotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, Low Level Laser Stimulation and Microneedling to promote hair growth.

We also offer Hair Transplant surgery by most advanced FUE technique. It is a minimally invasive hair restoration surgery technique giving most natural results. We use most advanced Cole punches for graft harvesting and our team has experience of almost 1000 hair transplant surgeries.

Laiser Hair RemovalFAQs (SHOW)
  1. What causes unwanted body and Facial hairs?

    Ans.  Unwanted hair could be because of hormonal problems like thyroid diseases, polycystic ovarian disease, genetic problems, but most of the cases are idiopathic or constitutional without any real pathology. You should consult your Dermatologist before starting LHR sessions to rule out any hormonal diseases.
  2. What can be done for these unwanted hair?

    Ans.  There are temporary and permanent methods for hair removal. Temporary are threading, bleaching, waxing and epilation. Permanent methods to remove hair are Electro epilation and Laser Hair removal.
  3. What is the principle of Laser hair removal?

    Ans.  Laser Hair removal works on the principle of Photo thermolysis. High intensity light energy delivered by Laser system is absorbed by the pigment in hair bulb and it destroys the roots of hair. It works only on the growing (Anagen) and black hair follicles.
  4. How painful is this procedure?

    Ans.  With modern Laser hair removal instruments, LHR is almost a painless procedure.
  5. How many sittings are required for Laser Hair removal?

    Ans.  On an average 6 – 8 sittings are required to get a satisfactory reduction of hair.
  6. What can I expect after a LHR sitting?

    Ans.  Although most of the patients are completely comfortable after Laser hair removal session, some patients may experience mild stinging or burning sensation after LHR which can be relived using ice packs. Some patients may also notice mild redness or swelling which can stay for a day.
  7. What precaution are needed before LHR?

    Ans.  Patient has to avoid bleaching, threading and waxing at least one month before starting LHR sessions, although patients may shave or cut extra hair growth.
  8. What precautions are required after LHR?

    Ans.  After LHR session, one needs to avoid facial, bleaching for at least one week and use sunscreen regularly to avoid excess sun exposure.
  9. Which areas can be treated for Laser Hair removal?

    Ans.  With modern LHR machines practically every part of the body like face, ear, back, chest, arm, leg, under arms etc can be treated.
  10. Can white hair be removed with Lasers?

    Ans.  White hairs do not respond to Laser hair removal and electro epilation is only permanent method to remove white hair permanently.
This is supposed to be general information about Laser Hair removal. For further details you may contact your Consultant Dermatologist.
Unwanted body and facial hair are aesthetic nightmare. We offer the most advanced Laser Hair removal system for permanent reduction of unwanted hair in a painless manner and at a very affordable cost.

Wart & Molluscum removal

Wart and molluscum are viral infections which are extremely contagious in nature.

Wart can present as a flat lesion or rough growth. Most common area of involvement is around nails, hand & foot and face. They can spread with shaving and threading in the face and eye brow area.
Molluscum are pearly white, small round growth with central umbelication. They are commonly seen in young children. The infection spreads by contact.
At shanti skin & Laser centre, depending on the site & extent of involvement we employ most advanced dermatosurgery techniques like Cryo therapy (Liquid nitrogen), CO2 Laser, Chemical cautery (TCA & Phenol) or Electro cautery for treatment of these lesions with minimal scarring & cosmetically most acceptable way.

Mole Removal : Moles are birth marks presenting as black nodule like growth. Mostly they are innocent lesions but rarely do they may develop in to malignant melanoma, a dreaded skin cancer. Mole removal is requested by the patients mostly for cosmetic reasons. We use most advanced radio frequency cautery and CO2 Laser to remove these moles in cosmetically elegant way with minimal scarring.


DPN and seborrhic Keratosis treatment

Dermatitis papulosa nigaricans & Seborrheic keratosis are small black growth which are generally flat and mostly seen on face and neck. These are abnormal growth of skin. They are benign lesions and need to be removed only for cosmetic reason. At Shanti Skin & Laser centre we remove these lesions using CO2 Laser. There is minimal scarring and cosmetically excellent result.

Skin tags

Skin tags are soft sessile skin growth mostly seen in the neck and occasionally in axilla and groin area. They are generally harmless and the need to be removed only for cosmetic reason. We a Shanti Skin & Laser Centre use radio frequency cautery and CO2 laser for removal of these growth.


            Xanthelasmas are yellowish deposit of cholesterol seen mostly on the upper eye lid, at times extending to lower eye lids also. These are unsightly and need to be removed for cosmetic reasons. At Shanti skin & Laser centre, depending on the size and extent of lesion, we use two modalities for removal of Xanthelasma – CO2 Laser & TCA Chemo cauterization.

CO2 Laser assisted removal is a single sitting procedure, the wound takes around 2 weeks for healing.

TCA application is multiple sitting procedure where we apply graded concentration of Trichloro acetic acid at 15 days interval. It is a multiple sitting procedure and takes on average 3- 4 sittings for complete clearing of lesion.

Keloid surgeries

Keloid and hypertrohic scars are abnormal growth of skin mostly seen on chest or other areas of injury. They are at times itchy and painful. They are notorious for recurrence and do not respond adequately to most of surgical treatment.
Treatment of choice for these lesion are intra lesional steroid injection, silicon gel sheet application with pressure garment and Cryo surgery using Liquid nitrogen. At shanti Skin & Laser Centre, we are using a combination of these modalities for advance treatment of keloids.
For ear lobe keloids, we use CO2 Laser to remove these lesions followed by intra lesional steroid injection to prevent recurrence.


Acne scar treatment

Acne is one the most common problem of adolescent age group. If not managed properly they may leave behind unsightly scars. Acne scars are primarily of three types – Ice pick, Box & Rolling Scars. At Shanti Skin & Laser centre we employ most advance techniques to treat these scars. We use CO2 Laser, Dermaroller, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy , CROSS technique for treatment of these scars.

Dermaroller with Platelet rich Plasma therapy is the latest treatment modality for treatment of acne scars. It is a multiple sitting procedure, generally repeated after 6 weeks. Using a special instrument called dermaroller, we create multiple channels in the scar area. We apply body`s own growth factors derived from patients blood to those channels. This leads to new collagen synthesis in the scar area and thereby improvement in the scar.

CROSS is one of the most effective modality for the treatment of ice pick scars. TCA (Trichloro acetic acid) is applied in the scar area using special applicator. This leads to controlled damage of the scar and formation of new skin. This leads to improvement of scar appearance and depth.

CO2 Laser is used for spot resurfacing for large scars.

Depending on the severity and patient`s skin type, specific treatment protocol is tailor made, using a combination of above mentioned techniques for best cosmetic outcome of the acne scars.

Permanent hair removal

         Unwanted body and facial hair are aesthetic nightmare. We offer the most advanced Laser Hair removal system for permanent reduction of unwanted hair in a painless manner and at a very affordable cost.

Laser Hair removal is a multiple sitting procedure, on an average 4 – 6 sittings are required for satisfactory results. Body hair requires more sitting than facial hair. Thick and coarse hair respond better to treatment compared to thin or blonde hair. We use most advanced dual mode RF with IPL treatment mode machine for best possible result and with minimum pain. Side effect of LHR is very rare and it is a very safe aesthetic procedure.
White hairs do not respond to Lasers and they are removed using electro or radio frequency assisted epilation.

Tattoo removal

             Tattoo making is a tradition as well as modern fad in the Indian society. At times people get these tattoos made which later become incompatible with their social and professional life. At Shanti Skin & Laser centre we use advanced Q- switched NdYAG Laser for removal of these tattoo marks with minimal or no scarring. Laser assisted tattoo removal is a multiple sitting procedure and on an average 4 – 6 sittings are required at monthly interval for adequate result. Green and red color are resistant to Lasers and tattoo made in these color are difficult to remove.

For those patients who need to get their tattoo removed on an urgent basis and do not have time for multiple sittings, we do dermabrasion followed by split thickness skin grafting. By this method tattoo is removed within two weeks with the healing of skin. However this method is more painful and leaves behind scarring.

Freckles and Melasma treatment

Freckles are brown to black small pigment mark mostly seen on the sun exposed areas like cheek, chin, fore head, ‘V’ of Neck, Hand. Main cause is sun exposure and photo sensitivity.
At Shanti Skin & Laser centre we use QsNdYAG Laser system, IPL, Chemical peelings in various combinations for the most effective treatment of the lesion.

Another pigmentory disorder of immense concern is Melasma. It is commonly seen as a brownish to black discoloration on the cheek bone, forehead or rarely in the chin region. At Shanti Skin & Laser centre we use Wood’s Lamp and Dermascope to find the exact type of pigmentation and use various combinations of Lasers and Peels and Microdermabrasion for the most effective management of pigmentation.

Photorejuvenation & Photofacial

             For treatment of chronic sun damage of skin, pigmentation or just to get a fresh rejuvenated look , we use NdYAG Laser and Intense pulse light therapy to give photofacial. It is a day care procedure with no down time and gives an immediate glow to the skin. As a long term advantage, it induces new collagen formation and leads to a young and firm skin.

Chemical peels

Chemical peel is an aesthetic procedure used to treat several skin conditions like pigmentation, fine lines, early wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, and to give an immediate glow to the skin. We use Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic , Mandelic, TCA peels in various combination to get the most aesthetically pleasing effect.
Chemical peels are very safe and effective for almost all skin type. We use most advanced peeling agents from best of the sources and we have long experience of Chemical peeling.

Stretch mark treatment

             Stretch marks are one of the most common aesthetic problems. One may get stretch marks when there is sudden and extensive stretching of skin. Most common cause for getting stretch marks is pregnancy. Other causes are sudden gain of weight, obesity, sudden gain of height, excessive exercise with weight training, hormonal diseases, etc.
We at Shanti Skin & Laser Centre use sequential treatment protocol using Dermaroller with PRP, TCA peeling, RF Skin tightening to treat these unsightly marks. The treatment is spread over 4 to 6 months and the best result is seen by one year.


             Microdermabrasion, commonly known as skin polishing , is one of the safest aesthetic procedures and gives an instant glow & rejuvenation to skin. It is used to treat multiple indications like pigmentation, fine lines, early wrinkles, superficial shallow scar or just to pamper the skin.
It uses ultra fine Aluminum Hydroxide crystals and a vacuum device to abrade the superficial dead layer of skin

Vampire facial

             It is the latest fad in Hollywood & Bollywood for skin rejuvenation and anti aging therapy. It uses a combination of Dermaroller and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for collagen regeneration and skin rejuvenation. It is a minimally invasive procedure and gives excellent anti aging effect, skin tightening & skin rejuvenation.


Dermaroller or micro needling is a modality for treatment of several skin conditions like acne scar, skin rejuvenation, face lift and Hair loss.
A special device, dermaroller with several surgical grade needles is used to create multiple controlled injuries on the skin. It induces collagen remodeling and leads to skin rejuvenation.
 It is a multiple sitting procedure and repeated at 6 to 8 week interval. It may be combined with Platelet rich plasma therapy to further enhance its efficacy.

RF skin tightening

             Radio frequency assisted skin tightening is the latest trend in the skin rejuvenation treatment. It is a minimally invasive procedure and gives excellent cosmetic result. It is used to treat sagging skin, early wrinkles, double chin and other signs of aging skin. It is also used to treat the post partum sagging of abdominal skin.

Botox & Filler injection

             Botulinum toxin and Filler injections are the most commonly done procedures for treatment of wrinkles. Botulinum toxin, popularly known as BOTOX useful for treatment of dynamic wrinkles or those wrinkle lines which increases with facial expression. Filler injections work best for treatment of wrinkles at rest, or those lines which present in a resting face. Typically the effect of BOTOX injection lasts for 4 – 6 months and injections need to be repeated for sustained result. Filler injection efficacy, depending on the type of filler selected, may last from 4 months to 2 years. We use BOTOX injection to treat forehead lines, frown lines, crow`s feet and other facial wrinkle lines.